26 Jun / Certificate Digital Covid EU

The EU Digital COVID Certificate, a European Union-wide initiative to facilitate travel in Covid-19 times, was signed into law on Monday by the presidents of the three EU institutions, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission.

“The EU Certificate will again enable citizens to enjoy this most tangible and cherished of EU rights – the right to free movement. Signed into law today, it will enable us to travel more safely this summer.

Today we reaffirm together that an open Europe prevails,” presidents David Sassoli and Ursula von der Leyen and Portugeuse Prime Minister António Costa said in a joint statement after the signing ceremony for the regulation on the certificate.


EU Digital COVID Certificate

The aim of the EU Digital COVID Certificate is to facilitate safe and free movement inside the EU during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is noted that the certificate is not mandatory for travel. However, it will facilitate travel, exempting holders from restrictions like quarantine.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate will be accessible for everyone and it will:

– cover COVID-19 vaccination, test and recovery
– be free of charge and available in all EU languages
– be available in a digital and paper-based format
– be secure and include a digitally signed QR code.

Moreover, Member States shall refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions on the holders of an EU Digital COVID Certificate, unless they are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health.

The EU Digital COVID Certificate regulation was agreed between the institutions in 62 days. While the institutions worked through the legislative process, they also built the technical backbone of the system, the EU gateway, which went live on June 1, allowing a number of EU countries to start issuing the first digital Covid certificates.

The regulation signed on Monday will apply for 12 months as of 1 July when the full system is up and running.

“The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a symbol of what Europe stands for… Of a Europe that does not falter when put to the test. A Europe that unites and grows when faced with challenges. Our Union showed again that we work best when we work together,” the presidents of the three EU institutions said.

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